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Polyols are polyhydric alcohols produced by catalytic hydrogenation from edible carbohydrates. They occur naturally in vegetables, fruits and mushrooms, or in prepared and fermented foods like wine or soy sauce. Polyols can be used as the essential bulk sweetener providing functional properties such as reduced calories in many applications.

Polyols available include:


Maltitol syrups provide all the sweetness required for excellent gummy candies. The humectant control offered by maltitol reduces drying during storage; this gives the gums longer shelf-life stability than standard sugar equivalents.


Isomalt provides excellent shelf life, very low stickiness, is non-hygroscopic, non-cariogenic and has good clarity. Ideal for sugar free confectionery applications.


A purified white crystalline powder with very fine granulometry and is a reduced calorie and non-cariogenic bulk sweetener. Mannitol has low hygroscopicity and cooling effect. It is particularly suitable to improve shelf life and reduce stickiness of sugar free chewing gum and hard candy.


A low Calorie bulk sweetener that adds mouth feel, body, and sweetness and has high digestive tolerance. The calorific value is close to zero and does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels. This is the only polyol that is produced by fermentation. These products are non-hygroscopic and have a natural sweet, cool taste.

Erythritol is an excellent natural bulking agent with sweetness; ideal for sugar free chocolate and fondant, fat based bakery creams, cakes and biscuits, beverages and tabletop sweetener.

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